Flourish: grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

Project Flourish is a social impact initiative within First Presbyterian Church of Houston. Our mission is to accelerate the impact of entrepreneurial activity that aims to transform and renew our city and world for "the good."

  • GOOD for the gospel: to heed with humility and by faith, God's calling to be salt and light in the world, working toward the promised new creation where righteousness, justice, and love fully reside. 
  • GOOD for the city and world: to accelerate the successful launch of creative and faithful ideas that address major challenges in our city and world.
  • GOOD for the idea-makers: to enable faithful entrepreneurs to break new ground through identification, mentoring, creating, planning, funding, making, doing, growing, sustaining, and celebrating.
  • GOOD for the church: to engage FPC covenant partners as incubators, innovators, accelerators, and partners of new creative work in the world.

We want to connect gospel-minded entrepreneurs to the social, intellectual, and financial capital of First Presbyterian Church. Project Flourish endeavors to create a ministry launch-pad – a social venture accelerator – which seeks to unleash the creative hopes, dreams, and talents of individuals and teams desiring to see renewal in Houston and beyond.


We believe in the gospel: the good news of Jesus Christ. It is the story of his sovereign and providential work in bringing about a cosmic reordering that he has offered us a part in. This good news of Jesus means not only are we saved from our own brokenness and despair, but we are saved for a purpose and a mission.

That cosmic mission of restoration is based in a wholesome and incarnational reality that includes the renewal of hearts and lives, but also the renewal of systems, industries, neighborhoods – the work of our hands every day.

And so we endeavor to flourish the city and world. To see gospel-minded restoration take place all throughout Houston and beyond. We believe God is at work in our midst, and he is calling us to join him. We want to grow and nurture ideas to "flourish the city and world."

We will provide mentorship and expertise, access to capital, and community. Participants will undergo a challenging process designed to enhance their projects or ventures through hands-on coaching from a team of experienced mentors. Selected applicants participate in a weekend workshop with marketplace and city-wide leaders. They will then "pitch" their venture to a panel of judges, supporters, and prospective investors. Grant recipients receive start-up funding, potential future consulting, and financial and business planning assistance, and potential partnership opportunities with First Presbyterian Church of Houston.