Are you interested in being a "Skills Coach" for one of the applicants or companies we hope to launch? 


Who is a Skills Coach and what do they do?

Skills coaches are individuals with vocational experience and subject matter knowledge. They have expertise in a particular field, such as accounting, finance, sales, legal services, human resources, etc. and can offer their skills and time to individuals who may need that exact guidance, expertise, or insight in order to move their idea from concept to scale.


What are some characteristics that describe a good Skills Coach?

Achiever, teacher, analytical, sharp, disciplined, focused, intellectual, and strategic.


What is the time commitment?

The only required time commitment is that Skills Coaches must be available for an "Immersion Day" experience on Saturday, January 20. Beyond that, Skills Coaches can expect to be contacted for one-on-one meetings with entrepreneurs seeking their guidance, coaching, and expertise. These meetings are designed for maximum schedule flexibility and can be arranged per Skills Coach preference and chosen availability.


We need you!

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