Project Flourish is “Shark-Tank” for and by the Church. We want to launch new social impact ventures which seek the “Good” of Houston.

To do this we connect kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and their ventures to the social, intellectual, and financial capital of First Presbyterian Church through a social impact pitch competition awarding $250,000 to select recipients.

We will provide mentorship and expertise, access to capital, and community. Participants will undergo a challenging process designed to enhance their projects or ventures through hands-on coaching from a team of experienced mentors. Sem-finalists will participate in workshops over a two-month acceleration process. They will then "pitch" their venture to a panel of judges and winning pitches will be awarded funding from a pool of $250,000. Awarded recipients will receive start-up funding, potential future consulting, and financial and business planning assistance, and potential partnership opportunities with First Presbyterian Church of Houston.

We are excited to do this because we follow the way of Jesus who is recreating the world. He has come and made us new! And he commissions us to be people of new-life, creating, restoring, pastoring, and ministering to all of creation. We live in His story, where he has commissioned us to be agents of reconciliation, hope, and joy here to serve the world with all that we are and all that we have. These grants are to encourage and develop social and cultural renewal within Houston first and foremost.

And so, we endeavor to flourish the city. To see kingdom-minded restoration take place all throughout Houston. To invest in redemptive entrepreneurial ideas taking on the grand challenges we face as a city. We believe God is at work in our midst, and he is calling us to join him.

Do you have an idea to change the city? To fix one of our grand challenges? Read the How-It-Works page to learn how you can apply with your idea and team.