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Marvin Pierre

8 Million Stories

To transform the lives of disconnected youth (16-18 years of age) through education, skills training, employment, and relationships.







 Brian Bean

The Real-World ClassroomTeach personal finance in a way that impacts students for the rest of their lives. 









Ruby Woodward

Renew All Ministires' Coffee and Cake Cafe 

Creating jobs for formerly incarcerated adults. 









Drew Willey

Restoring Justice 

We provide holistic indigent criminal defense while connecting congregations to Houston’s marginalized citizens.







Donald Flenoy

Caren Mobile Health Platform 

To improve health outcomes for the chronically ill, disadvantaged, and disabled through remote patient monitoring.






Terry Flores

ArtPark Moving Studios 

Unleashing the power of creativity through art and community one neighborhood at a time.









Trey Rummel

9th Hour Coffee Co.

Specializing in commercial coffee services to provide meaningful work to the formerly addicted and incarcerated.








Matthew Mechtly

Backcountry Mills

Upcycle spent barley into flour for healthy food products while donating grain for grain. 









Allison Meier Madrigal

Rescue Houston

Rescue Houston is a 24/7 local hotline offering immediate response an rescue to victims of sex trafficking.







Daniel Garcia-Prats 

Small Places LLC 

To develop a culture of health in Houston by renewing the bond between people, place, and food. 









Kaylen Simpson

Braizen Foods

Empowering survivors of human trafficking to unapologetically flourish in the culinary industry.









Sam Brisendine, Scott Key

Emergency Floor, Good Works Studio

We design high-impact low-cost shelter products that help refugee populations around the world.






Percy Kennedy

InsideOut Dads

Teaching, Equipping, Affirming and Mentoring incarcerated fathers with parenting skills to effectively communicate with their children and reuniting the families during Christmas. 




 Colby Hamilton


Facilitate real property needs for ministries and low resourced communities through private investment.







Joun Samara

Ananias house: Aleppo Bakery

In the heart of the city, the Evangelical Church of Aleppo, Syria will establish a bakery providing employment for believers, bread for its citizens and opportunities for the church to engage regularly with Muslims and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.




Sherri Clement

hope Rising Schoolhouse

Hope Rising provides hope and a future to child victims of human trafficking through specialized care foster homes and trauma informed wrap around services.







Marina Ballantyne Walne


To provide a complete enterprise solution for church planters and others to start quality, affordable blended learning schools in Houston and globally.

Ramsha Ahmed 

Torca PBC

Torca passes the torch of Liberty to new Americans by matching work-authorized refugees to jobs. 







Maurizio Ferrarese

Adagio Teaching School

To transform lives of the disadvantaged and give them an opportunity to overcome their barriers, through job training, mentoring, and employment in the food industry of Houston.