Project Flourish 2019-2020 Semifinalists


Threads by Nomad
Nell Green

We seek to help refugees in the Greater Houston area thrive in their new community by providing meaningful and fulfilling careers. We work to prevent artisans in developing countries from becoming forcibly displaced through collaboration in marketing and design.

Eight Million Stories
Marvin Pierre

We seek to transform the lives of vulnerable youth, 14 to 18 years old, through education, skills training, employment, and authentic relationships.

Small Places
Daniel Garcia-Prats

Small Places utilizes urban agriculture to develop a culture of health in our communities by renewing the bond between people, places, and food. We believe that farming can become the focal point from which we alter how the various aspects of our communities interact to establish health at the center of our Human Ecosystem.

Project One Day
Jennifer Johnson

Creating free, Christ-centered childcare for economically at-risk infants and toddlers through the use of a Single Parent Cooperative. Parents volunteer one day a week to receive 44 hours of FREE child-care weekly to facilitate work or furtherance of their education.

The Riverside Project
Amber Knowles

The Riverside Project is an initiative by Fostering Family to equip, organize and mobilize the Church to respond strategically to the foster care crisis in Houston.

Jubilee Reentry Program
Loretta Henderson

To provide technology training in coding to formerly incarcerated women providing marketable skills that result in a sustainable career and successful reentry and reduced recidivism.

Church Space
Day Edwards

Church Space is a marketplace that connects business owners, ministries and event professionals with churches who have underutilized space to rent. Church Space's mission is to help churches create an opportunity for others by providing space while earning income. Church Space is the Airbnb for churches.

Belong Bakery
Kim Brown

The mission of Belong Bakery is to certify, train and create dignified, meaningful, paid employment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Employment will provide them the opportunity to develop, foster and nurture essential social developmental and genuine relationships which, although necessary, are grossly lacking for the IDD population.

Combined Arms
Earl Lundy

Helping veterans find a path of healing while redefining their purpose through physical training.

Lettuce Live
Karena Poke

Lettuce Live Green reclaims food waste to redirect it from landfills to industries that reuse the waste to redeem the environment, communities and the people of God.

CC Achilefu

No matter how accessible music is today, there seems to be a music monopoly and a scarcity of transformative music. GoBU wants to disrupt this by providing a whole generation with quality Christian Hip Hop and R&B, but we're more than just music; we're a movement that aims to entertain, educate and evangelize a culture longing for purpose.

Providence Pest Control
Kenneth Beason

The mission of Providence Integrated Pest Management is to provide an opportunity for young adults that are emancipating from the child welfare system (CPS) to train to become pest management professionals. These highly trained individuals will provide customized pest management services to address individual customer needs in the greater Houston area.

Teen Machine
Cynthia O'Neal

zGen Project’s, The Teen Machine, will be a mobile “pop-up” unit that provides onsite adolescent mental health screenings at community events within the Greater Houston area that are focused on the adolescent population. This is one more way in which zGen Project (, is dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the area of adolescent mental health.

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