Are you interested in being a volunteer for Project Flourish?
We have three roles, descending in commitment level. 

Role 1: Skills Coach:


Minimal/Easy Commitment

Skills coaches are individuals with vocational experience and subject matter knowledge. They have expertise in a particular field, such as accounting, finance, sales, legal services, human resources, etc. and can offer their skills and time to individuals who may need that exact guidance, expertise, or insight in order to move their idea from concept to scale.


Role 2: Screeners:


Moderate Commitment

Screeners are the first line of interacting with applications received via the application portal. The Screening team is tasked with the first formal review of all submitted applications and has the job of ranking the applications against preset objective criteria in order to create a "Screened Pool" of qualified ideas to the next part of the process. In other words--the Screening team performs the first down-selection of applications by weeding out unqualified ideas and creating a healthy basket of solid ideas for the Navigators (mentors) to choose from.


Role 3: Navigators:


Most Significant Commitment

The Navigator role is our most critical role. Semi-finalists will compete for the final grant awards. Each Navigator picks and then pairs with a Semi-Finalist to become their “listening mentor." You will navigate your Semi-finalist through the eight-week Project Flourish "Acceleration Process", helping prepare a pitch and presentation for the Judges. In this process, Navigators assist Semi-Finalists to gain access to "Skills Coaches" with expertise in various areas of entrepreneurial development. Finally, Navigators ensure a positive experience for the Semi-Finalists, both with the Project Flourish process and with the church as a whole.

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